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New Year's Powerpack Series 1-4

[The  Four Resident Strategic Guides For Jumpstarting The New Year!]


New Year's Powerpack Series 1-4 is a collection of four informative homeowner's strategic guides in successful resident-contractor relations. These are for U.S. top private homeowners who are always interested in learning more to increase the edge in matters of contractor-related home maintenance and improvement. The design of these vital booklets is to rev up and drive well through each new year determined to make the best related decisions which work towards maximizing potential for hiring only the best contractors - getting only the best work.  Then when we're finished with these, there are more great downloadable guides to sustain us for the balance -and more throughout the years!  We are our first line of defense. - HGRBS






On January 2, it remains a brand new-year. But is it really a happy new year or a sad one? Will it be a pleasing new year for us to really boast about when January next year is upon us? Who knows?
The one who knows is the one who makes it a point of learning and knowing what to do and how to do it before it is done. Some call it prophesy – but in this case it is called reasonable projection. 
Question: If we were shown a way to increase our chances for actually predicting the outcome of our special home projects this year, and to do so with even greater accuracy, would we use it?
In these few moments, we are going to consider factors which will practically increase our intuition towards actually predicting the outcome of home projects we authorize residential contractors to assist us with.
*From "Homeowner's Taking Charge! ..." Preview, Subheading, "A Brand New Year," Pg. 1




This special guide focuses on our becoming so deftly aware of how contractors function that we will be able to distinguish between those who are good and others, corrupt.
Yet we are learning to do this in advance of hiring. When we are able to identify contractors for what they can mean to our home project well in advance of hiring, this would be comparable to having the excellent sight of eagles.
Here, we will briefly examine eagles in relation to their extraordinary ability to see with clarity small prey from great distances away. Synonymously, we will tie this in with our personal potential to be comparably keen-sighted about contractors. This is done through learning whatever we can to enable us to attain the sort of psychological altitude which in turn enables us to establish a panoramic view of the playing field. Our objective is being so aptly informed in advance that we will legally neutralize and deflect the bad element of contractors from our homes.
*From "Honing The Eyes of An Eagle ..." Preview, Pg. 1





a. In this moment, we are considering the psychology of the situation. This means we are analyzing this business of authorizing contractors to work in, on, or around our property without first having submitted an application for our inspection. The American standard for anyone who would like to work in, on, or around our business establishments, is for this person to fill out an application. 
b. It is immensely ironic that so many residents will go through so much trouble insisting that a person who wants to work at the business outside the home fills out an application, but go through hardly any when considering hiring a contractor for the business of the home.
Although vulnerability to scandal and resultant ramifications are insurmountably greater, residential protocol for an application process does not even come to mind. Consequently, predation from unscrupulous individuals is staggeringly more prevalent.
*From "Who Is This Contractor? ..." a. Preview, b. Subheading "The Residential Ironic Shame," Pg. 1




For emphasis, our house rules are, in fact, our laws governing how affairs are conducted in, on, and around the physical structure (s) of the central home setting
we are in legal possession of. Evidently, these rules entail maintenance and improvement priorities.
Together these are effortlessly interpreted as personal mandates towards our homes being as comfortable and convenient as possible.
Consistent with our theme, it is plausible that the actual goal or purpose for enforcing our house rules is for us to ensure that those living or working on our
property comply with them.
There are rewards for observing our house rules as well as stiff penalties for breaking them. It then follows that if we are, indeed, in charge of enforcing our home priorities, then we will do whatever we possibly can to be certain each person visiting, living, or working on our property is treated according their intents and purposes. This is otherwise referred to as results-oriented “home-style jurisprudence.” Yet more expressively: The administration of justice.
*From "Moment of Decision ..."  Subheading "We Are The Ultimate Judge," Pg. 2




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