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The Emphasis Of This Home Study Is On Timely Use & Impact Of Legal Forms

In Resident-Contractor Relations 

Legal Leverage For The Home:

Setting Minimum Weekly Goals For Learning The Forms


The Forms: Legal Facsimiles Which Can Be Used For Leverage In Resident-Contractor Relations

Featured Form: It Is Whichever Form You Choose To Know Everything About Each Week

Self-Test: It Is A PDF Provided On This Site For Each Form Which Contains Questions For Testing Your Own Comprehension Of Each Form You Study. Presently,These Self-Tests Are Deactivated Pending Completion Of Ongoing Tech Operations Upgrading Functionality Of The HGRBS Digital Network. When They Are Finished, The Self-Tests Will Be Reactivated. Thank You.

Please Read Thoroughly 'LEGAL LEVERAGE FOR THE HOME' (Below) For Better Understanding Of How This Special Home Study Works And Of How It Will Best Work For You. Click Image To Open PDF.

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